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Fancy being your own boss? Having your own clients? Your own business?

A VOLOM business provides you with the opportunity to invest in, manage and grow your own successful marketing business - whilst enjoying the support of a network of like-minded individuals and a central ‘hub’ of resources.

We reduce risk and increase efficiency by providing significant value through centralised training and resources as well as assistance with client acquisition and retention.

The VOLOM model also works well for skilled marketers based in regional areas, enabling you to utilise your skills to help local businesses – who couldn’t otherwise afford to employ a senior marketing resource. More importantly the model allows you to work (and earn) at the same level – developing strategy and delivering high quality communication without having to live in a larger metropolitan centre.  

Aside from an appropriate level of experience to fulfill the role of our clients marketing department, most importantly we’re looking for people that fit with the ethos of the business. We talk about ‘BRIGHT” a lot around here – bright not just in terms of capability but also in terms of attitude and spirit.

If you are interested, have a crack at our 5-minute questionnaire, it’ll give us a chance to find out a bit more about you and you’ll get a free psychometric report.

Also, if you haven’t already, check out our videos tab. We hope these will give you a small insight into ‘the VOLOM way.’


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